Write better notes using a wiki

Use the wiki as an effective study tool

She didn't listen
Notes are the student’s best friend. When it comes to crunch time, it’s just you, your notes and the long, long night.

But notes on paper are so last century. Embrace Web 2.0 and use it to gain an edge over the rest. Instead of taking down your notes with pen and paper, try using a wiki.

What’s a wiki? Heard of Wikipedia? Well, that’s a wiki – the Big Daddy of wikis, actually.

The wiki is simply an easily-edited, automatically interlinked set of documents in web format. And it can replace huge stacks of illegible, worn-down notes if you know how to use them to your benefit.

You can even make it a collaborative effort between friends, but first you’ll have to make sure they aren’t freeloaders or nasty saboteurs. Yes, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Find out how to use the wiki to study better here.


One Response to “Write better notes using a wiki”

  1. Roys Says:

    I use Wikidpad as a personal wiki, beats a collection of text files anytime 🙂

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